Season 2 is off to a great start! We’re thrilled to be back.


Erin Lindsay  +  badass-ery

2.01 “Call It Maracroni”

Erin ‘being all sassy’ with Jay - 2x01

thanks, so Erin/Kelly will be together whole S2? here goes my excitement over S2 :( well, I only like Jay/Erin (I don't like Kelly, so I cannot like Erin/Kelly). I really hope they will get together and that writters will do better job with them than they did with Kim/Adam (I feel like writters either don't know how to write relationship on this tv show or they don't really care)

That’s what i heard. I live in Chicago and actually visited the set snd got to talk to Derek Haas, and thats what he told me and also said on twitter. I told him people really want to see Erin and Jay together and he said “I know, we’re gonna hold you guys out for awhile” but i feel like they’re gonna exhaust Erin and Kelly soon. Also, sophia bush in an interview said that since Kelly is upset about what happened in the season 3 premiere (dont want to spoil) that erin isnt going to want to deal with it for so long, or something along those lines. i feel that if erin and kelly are going to spilt, itll be erins doing. I dont think its that they dont care, they obvously do, i mean have you seen the relationships on chicago fire? so good.  i think its because erin is in this triangle that they dont know what angles to hit it in.

Hello, can I ask you about Erin and Jay? I am new to this tv show, I like Erin and Jay, would love them together, but I would like to know some info, like do you think they have a chance? that they will happen? or its Erin and Kelly endgame? Are Erin and Kelly very popular? thanks

Derek Haas, a writer on the show sad that Kelly and Erin are together this whole season, but that her and Jay will continue to have this flirty moments. After all, it’s up to Voight to decide if they can be together. My best guess is that if Voight allows it that both Erin and Jay will jump at the thought. I feel like shes only with Kelly as some sort of distraction from Jay. People who primarily watch CF like Kelly and Erin, and people who primarily watch CPD like Jay and Erin, but if you’re like me you like both of them. But in the end im rooting for Jay and Erin

I bumped into your desk, and it accidentally fell into my pocket. And then by the time I got to the parking lot, I didn’t have time to come back in, so… Here I am." This might be one of the worst excuses a guy has ever used to try to get into my apartment.

I mean you did come all this way, so maybe just one more…

You don’t get to tell me who I can and can’t hang out with on my personal time.


Their faces hahaha

A budding romance, Jay and Lindsay 1x05



Jay: Justin thinks I’m your boyfriend.

Erin: You wish!

Jay: No, you wish.

Erin: No, you wish.

Audience: NO, WE WISH.



Guess Voight doesn’t ship it.