I bumped into your desk, and it accidentally fell into my pocket. And then by the time I got to the parking lot, I didn’t have time to come back in, so… Here I am." This might be one of the worst excuses a guy has ever used to try to get into my apartment.

I mean you did come all this way, so maybe just one more…

You don’t get to tell me who I can and can’t hang out with on my personal time.


Their faces hahaha

A budding romance, Jay and Lindsay 1x05



Jay: Justin thinks I’m your boyfriend.

Erin: You wish!

Jay: No, you wish.

Erin: No, you wish.

Audience: NO, WE WISH.



Guess Voight doesn’t ship it.

This is the only way I want to spend my morning in the hair and makeup trailer. This is Roxy. She thinks she’s a lapdog. And she’s a rescue. #AlwaysRescue @reelpablog #happiness #chicagopd

prompt: halstead and lindsay end up at jays for a romantic night in after a long day where they have their first kiss

This is my very first one ever so be nice.

It’s about 9 pm on a Friday. Erin’s usual Friday nights are alone on the couch watching a movie with some ice cream, usually falls asleep half way through. This time was different, a good different. A little change of pace was good for her. A little bonding action with Jay.

"Hey Halstead, can I get a lift home? 

"I could… but then I’d have to wait tomorrow morning to see you again. Why don’t you come over for awhile?"

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do you write fan fiction?

Well i’m a pretty good writer and I’ve never tried it, but sure!

Send topics/suggestions and i’ll try my best to bring your idea to life!